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Responsible Gaming

Rummyprime (alternatively, “We”) values its users and is committed to protecting their health and interests. We take great pride in offering an online rummy gaming experience that encourages and assists its users in managing their time and participation in a productive and responsible manner.

Principles of Responsible Gaming

  1. Users should be 18 years and above while registering and playing games on the Rummyprime and Eligible Apps.
  2. Be mindful that the skill-based cash and non-cash games available on Eligible Apps are recreational activities meant for fun and entertainment. Do not let it become your primary source of income generation.
  3. Do not play continuously, set time limits and take regular breaks.
  4. Do not let playing disturb your daily routines.
  5. Do not let your playing cause difficulties in your personal lives. Know when to stop and avoid over-playing.
  6. Strike a balance between your playing and other activities that might interest you.
  7. Keep a separate budget for playing. Do not play with money that you have kept aside for other important or essential purposes.
  8. Keep in mind that your success or performance on Rummyprime and Eligible Apps is dependent primarily on your skill and knowledge of the games. You should therefore study and analyse your games so as to maximize your performance and also deter the emergence of addictive and compulsive behaviours.
  9. Do not play when you are tired, overwhelmed or are under undue stress.
  10. Do not play while working or while doing something important.
  11. Allocate a separate and limited amount of time during the day to playing on Rummyprime and Eligible Apps.
  12. Do not chase your losses in an attempt to recoup them at tables with higher stakes.
  13. Users are encouraged to seek other sources of entertainment outside of Rummyprime and Eligible Apps and they should balance the time spent on the Rummyprime and Eligible Apps with other hobbies, interests and activities.
  14. Avoid playing games under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, as this can significantly impair your skills.
  15. While using the Chat Window on the Rummyprime and eligible Apps, please refrain from indulging in any prohibited conduct mentioned under the Fair Play Policy.

We encourage you to reach out to us, by emailing us at Support@rummyprime.com if you feel you require any assistance in this regard.

Updated on November25th 2023

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